I was introduced to an American entrepreneur in the social space who may just have stumbled upon a huge, current trend for tweens and college kids in India. My parents were born and raised in India. They were wed through an arranged marriage, like many of their peers. Since they wed in , dating norms in India have of course changed. Matrimonial sites like Shaadi and Bharat Matrimony generate huge traffic and returns for investors. Mommies and daddies still play matchmaker around the country, around the world.

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Back in January of this year, I got an email introduction from my friend Sarah Reed introducing me to a New York-based company called Ignighter. Ignighter had invented the concept of “group dating” which they believed was safer, less awkward and more fun. At the time, I knew nothing about online dating, but did know that a few sites were very successful J-Date, Match. I decided that I would present the idea to the graduate school class that I teach at the University of Colorado.

India wasn’t even on Adam Sachs’s radar when he and two friends founded Ignighter, a dating site that allows users to organize group dates.

CNN — Looking for love is a big business in India, where the art of matchmaking is being transformed with a click of a mouse. One of the biggest online industries in India has been the business of arranging marriages. Sites like Shaadi. He said: “Online matrimonial sites were one of the earliest ways the internet took off in India after e-mail and job sites.

Several of the sites have a couple of million users each. One start-up, Ignighter , set up by three something New Yorkers, is hoping to persuade India that the future of online matchmaking is in group dating. Online dating hasn’t really taken off in India, mainly because most marriages are arranged and there is little tradition of dating, according to Anupam Saxena, a correspondent for Medianama , which provides news and analysis on India’s digital landscape.

Mishra added: “India is a conservative and traditional society, where people stay with their parents until they’re married and there’s not much room for personal lives. Women in particular find it difficult to openly date. The founders of Ignighter hope that Indians will find group dating — whereby groups of friends arrange to meet other groups — less risky and more fun and socially acceptable than one-on-one dating. Their move into India was almost accidental.

Ignighter was set up by Adam Sachs and his college friends in The site was aimed at the New York market, but they began to notice most of their traffic was coming from the other side of the world in Asia.

Rajan Anandan, 2 Others Invest In Dating Site Ignighter

Some would call it an unintended consequence. Others would call it entering a global market. Most people would probably just call it dumb luck. The idea was to make online dating “safer, less awkward, and more fun. After a year of modest success in the States, the founders noticed a puzzling trend that has completely reshaped the company’s business strategy: The company was becoming incredibly popular in India, where Western-style dating remains somewhat taboo.

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But the site quickly attracted the most traffic from India and other Asian countries, where one-on-one dates are still not the norm and young people going out in coed groups is more widely accepted. Ignighter has now turned its focus to India and recently set up an office there. The site is positioning itself in the middle ground between social networking and matrimonial sites where users, their parents or other relatives log on specifically to search for a future spouse.

India Knowledge Wharton: You recently made your first trip to India. What were your impressions? Adam Sachs: It was unbelievable. Our company has been operating in India from New York City, but our user base has been [concentrated] in India for about a year. But none of us had been there. Immediately, the sights, smells and sounds just hit you. Can you tell us a little bit about the site? Sachs: Ignighter, my start-up, is a group dating website, which basically means that you and your friends [create] a profile together.

You find another group and you all go out on a group date. Sachs: We had never been to India. None of our partners had been to India.

Ignighter – From NYC to TechStars

It’s Saturday night in Center City. At the Nodding Head brewpub on Sansom Street, three male friends in their 20s are looking for women. As the first round arrives, so do the ladies. A quick introduction reveals that a potential pair share the same profession, and the group of seven settles into a cushioned red booth. This is no impromptu meeting.

In , three young men in Manhattan started , a group dating website for people in their twenties. If this reminds you of high school, you’re right.

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Ignighter’s Adam Sachs: Making an Impact on India’s Dating — and Start-up — Scene

Corporate Presentation. Participate individually or in pairs. All team members must RSVP for the event. Ignighter matches two groups of friends together for a dating experience that is invariably safer, less awkward, and more fun than traditional dating sites.

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VentureBeat Homepage. Remember group dates in junior high and high school? Sure, there was awkward tension with that special someone, but you had your buds right there to diffuse the pressure. The seed investment fund — which ranks with Y Combinator and DreamIt Ventures — hopes the fledgling site will ride its innovative concept to the front of the online dating pack.

On Ignighter, you set up a profile with your group of friends instead of as an individual. You all include photos, detail your interests, your personality traits etc. It even helps you arrange a real-life get together, during which people can meet without the anxiety and awkwardness of a one-on-one date. There were no casualties, so maybe there is some merit to the idea. Both Ignighter and Mixtt have said they could be useful for people who just want to find other friends, clubbing partners, book clubbers and the like, but Meetup already has the traction there.

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Your email will not be published. Igniter india dating – This little wooden group site very usable,great dating and puts a ignuter on your face.

Bio: Adam Sachs is the co-founder and CEO of , a group dating site based in NYC, and changing the way that young people in.

In ,three young guys in Manhattan started Ignighter. By the end of ,Ignighter. Then,in April ,while checking statistics about visitors,Osit,who is in charge of marketing,noticed there was a lot of traffic from Singapore,Malaysia,India and South Korea. Next month,Ignighter will open an office in India. As funding heats up for Web start-ups in general,some investors have taken notice of Ignighter and its potential in India. Osit suspects Indians read about the service on blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch.

From there,it grew in part because dating in India is still in a somewhat embryonic stage.

Can India be persuaded to date online?

I used to share an office with a young woman of Indian descent who came to the United States for her college education. As office mates often do, we spoke about our personal lives and conversation often turned to dating. She shared with me that at the age of 25 years old, in her culture, she was considered an old maid. She also spent hours yes, on company time perusing online dating sites searching for the perfect Indian man.

I found it surprising that this utterly, Americanized woman was so determine to meet and marry a man when she was so capable and independent.

Also known generation ignighter group dating sign in people in my personal life and do not want in make that choice, thanks to houston singles service.

In , three young guys in Manhattan started Ignighter. By the end of , Ignighter. Then, in April , while checking statistics about visitors, Osit, who is in charge of marketing, noticed there was a lot of traffic from Singapore, Malaysia, India and South Korea. Sachs recalls: “We didn’t pay any attention to it at first. Next month, Ignighter will open an office in India. As funding heats up for Web start-ups in general, some investors have taken notice of Ignighter and its potential in India.

Forty per cent of its investors are based in India, including Rajan Anandan, Google’s top executive in India. Page : 1 2 Single Page Format. Tags: Ignighter.

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Speaking with MediaNama, Daniel Osit, President and co-founder of StepOut, informed that the rebranding took place in January , when Ignighter decided to build a new website customizing it extensively for Indian users. He claims that the conversion rate number of people who sign up after visiting the site had doubled after the re-branding. The company has tied-up with a vendor to enable cash collection.

As the TechStars companies gear up for Investor Demo Day, many of them are asking me to write about them on this humble blog.

Wish dating could be as fun and as easy as going out with your friends? Yep, us too. That’s why we created Ignighter, and that’s why we created group dating. It’s about hooking you and your friends up with someone else and their friends. About you all going out together About making dating less awkward, and about making dating more fun. We need a new logo that will appear on our site. It is very important that our logo appeals to women. The imagery of our name conveys testosterone and it’s important to us that a logo nullifies that a bit in order to make women feel safe, and comfortable using Ignighter.

At the same time, we don’t want anything that’s over the top girly but something that will appeal to women. Also, it’s important to us that our logo conveys FUN, because that is what Ignighter is all about! Mostly young urban professionals.

Ignighter’s Adam Sachs: Making an Impact on India’s Dating — and Start-up — Scene